Things to Consider When Buying Restaurant Furniture

Things to Consider When Buying Restaurant Furniture

Furniture is a massive part of a restaurant. A restaurant isn't just a place you socialise, it's also somewhere you go with family and friends to eat a meal together. We all want maximum comfort when we’re eating, as it's meant to be an enjoyable experience.

We've touched on some key factors to consider when it comes to buying restaurant furniture. If you're unsure about all the important things you need to consider before spending money on furniture for your commercial space, read on.


Things To Consider

A lot of restaurant owners think that buying the right furniture is easy, but it's not. Sometimes, you can’t just have an appearance in mind when you browsing for furniture - you've got to consider how durable it is and whether or not it's made with reliable materials.

Let's go through some of the main factors to keep in mind when it comes to furnishing your commercial space.



If you’re a busy restaurant with customers frequently visiting throughout the day, having good quality furniture is important. The last thing you want to do is spend money on furniture that isn't made to last.

There's no doubt your furniture will be subject to wear and tear if it's used a lot, so make sure that whatever furniture you go for has excellent durability and is made from reliable, long-lasting materials.

The one thing that could ruin the customer's experience is having to sit on a cracked table or wobbly chair. There's a high chance that people will judge your business based on the quality of your furniture.



Being comfortable whilst you're enjoying a meal is key. Your restaurant furniture should be comfortable enough for your customers to sit for at least two hours, which is usually the estimated time a small family tend to stay on the premises.

Although you need to make sure your customers are comfortable, you've got to make sure they're not too comfortable either. Providing too much comfort could force your customers to stay for longer than they usually would, and although this is great as it shows they like your restaurant, it also means they could mess up your guest schedule.

Customers who are sitting down at a table or booth should have a better seating alternative compared to those who are just sitting at the bar. This is because they're prone to staying longer, so those at the bar on bar stools won't notice discomfort as much as those who are expected to have a longer stay.



Creating the perfect ambience can be hard in any commercial space, but if you get your interior right, your decor will do it for you. Having stylish furniture not only attracts more customers but also portrays what type of business you are.

If people pick up how trendy your furniture is, it’s more likely that they’ll come back to visit. Ideally, you should choose furniture that benefits the surrounding space of your restaurant the most. If you have a small premise, open it up by choosing light-coloured furniture.

Colour, material and size all come into consideration when you're looking for the right restaurant furniture. You don't want to match your furniture to be the same as your decor, otherwise, it'll just blend in and looks as though no thought went into buying it.


What Type Of Furniture Do You Have In A Restaurant?

The type of furniture you choose comes down to what services you provide. If you only serve food, having different styles of tables, chairs and booths will be all that's required.

If you have a bar area for people to drink at regardless of whether they're having a meal or not, then stools will be a great addition.

Try and think outside the box when it comes to choosing the right restaurant furniture. Have competitors in mind and think of ways you can use your furniture to stand out.

Mismatching different styles of chairs and tables could be a great idea if you're after a quirky look and want to add character to a plain space.

Reclaimed furniture is a great way to get your customers talking, as most pre-loved furniture are one-off pieces. At Browsers Emporium, we have an array of furniture that are unusual, durable and long-lasting.


Whatever furniture you need for your restaurant, we have it. We have collections of tables, chairs and stools - all perfect for any restaurant environment, no matter the style.


What's The Best Material For Restaurant Furniture?

When it comes to purchasing furniture, three key factors to look out for are materials made to last, comfortability and something that can be easily cleaned.

Regardless of whether or not you're choosing furniture for a restaurant, cafe or bar - making sure the material is easy to maintain is key.

Reclaimed wood is stronger than fresh lumber, this means it had longer to harden. Furniture made from reclaimed wood doesn't shrink or warp because it's been dried and treated, making it the ideal material to use for furniture.

Leather is another great material to consider using throughout your restaurant. Leather lasts up to four times longer than cloth and doesn't tend to stain or fade over time. If you use the right products, leather can be relatively easy to clean and most spillages can come off with one wipe.


Restaurant Furniture At Browsers Emporium

At Browsers Emporium, we have a variety of versatile restaurant furniture that could also be used in both cafes and bars as well as in a restaurant. Our products are top-quality and durable, meaning they’re long-lasting and have been crafted with the highest quality.

Our restaurant furniture is perfect for those businesses who are after adding some character to their commercial space. Browsers Emporium care just as much as you when it comes to finding the right pieces of furniture, so we only sell the best.