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Here at Browsers Emporium, we are here to offer you the highest quality of furniture on the market. Our family-run business will offer you a range of furniture options from new, rustic, vintage, industrial and reclaimed furniture.

Today we are here to talk all about reclaimed furniture and how you can adapt it to your home.


What is Reclaimed Furniture?

Reclaimed furniture is furniture that has been given a new lease of life, having once served a purpose elsewhere at a previous time. Whether it be office chairs, bedroom furniture or specifically for home offices etc. This furniture has either been revamped into something completely new or has been given a freshen-up to serve a new and better purpose.

Every small imperfection in any reclaimed furniture is a nod to a previous life, often made from recycled architectural materials by being lovingly handcrafted to the highest standard.


Uniqueness and Style

If your vibe is all about uniqueness and style and you are always on the hunt for interesting pieces, perhaps you are the king or queen of sustainability, if so, reclaimed furniture is the way forward.

Not only does the reclaimed wood furniture we source look amazing, but the uniqueness of each piece also has its own story to tell. The distinct character of reclaimed wood furniture comes with its character.


The Benefits of Reclaimed Furniture

The benefits to choosing reclaimed furniture when updating any room of yours at home or in your commercial space are something to help you sway towards choosing reclaimed over buying new.


Individual to You

Firstly as mentioned the fact that it will be totally unique to your space and different from other wood furniture items is definitely a plus.

Who wants to own the same furniture as everyone else, it helps add a touch of class to your space. No one will be able to pick up the same item as what you have from their local generic furniture store.



Buying furniture that is already furniture, or made from reclaimed wood is much better for the environment than using new wood from chopping down trees.

Deforestation means the number of trees being cut down in our woods, forests and jungles is dramatically harming the environment and wildlife, it should be prevented at all costs to best preserve what is left.

This is why reclaimed is the way to go. By choosing reclaimed furniture or wood for your home you are recycling which helps immensely.

The reclaimed furniture that we source at Browsers Emporium comes from around the world which includes pieces made from reclaimed solid wood, boat wood and steel.



These items are not only different to what is available in all other stores but they are also of high quality too. This makes for a good investment to add to your home which will last you a very long time.

Reclaimed wood can also be treated with oils and waxes to help look after them and keep them looking nice and fresh and new to enhance the natural character of the wood. These also make for fantastic bedroom furniture additions also.

Like anything made from natural materials, if you look after it properly with the correct waxes or oils it will last you forever and will always look the part.

For harder wearing woods, stains and varnishes can also be used, although you will lose some of that natural colour and look of the wood.



Wood furniture that has been reclaimed can be combined in any room with existing furniture pieces. It can be mixed and matched to other elements in the room to add to the design or can be used to be a focal point to your interior.


On Trend

Another big factor to consider is that reclaimed furniture is on-trend and has grown in popularity within furniture trends over the past few years, it has fast become people's favourites, which is great news for sustainability.

Solid wood works brilliantly with stainless steel too, the combining of the two materials is an ongoing trend that is modern yet gives an industrial finish to furniture and therefore your room. It will also contrast beautifully with any existing modern décor.


For Everyone and Any Style

Reclaimed furniture will include something to suit every taste, it is warm and welcoming and can often set a tone for a space no matter where it is. Whether your vibe is classic or contemporary, different options are available.

Welcoming pine or oak furniture sets a warm tone whilst pairing with metal or glass has a rustic and urban vibe.

On the other hand, reclaimed wood with added white paint finish can give a cottage shabby chic element to your furniture, which is an entirely different look once again. Take time when choosing and picking what your desired style and tastes are for your home.


Where You Can Put Reclaimed Furniture?

Reclaimed furniture can be suitable for absolutely any room in your house, it can be fit for a bedroom, living room, dining room or office space.

You can put reclaimed furniture in any room in your house and you will have peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment too by reducing the impact on the earth's natural resources and helping to support our family business.


Reclaimed Furniture In The Bedroom

As alluded to above, there is something satisfyingly comforting about reclaimed furniture in the bedroom. Lovingly crafted bed frames create a restful focus for any sleeping area and all help to create a natural and much-needed restful space.

This can be then paired with handy storage furniture such as an oak chest of drawers, blanket boxes or wardrobes to create synergy throughout your whole bedroom.


Reclaimed Furniture In The Dining Room

A dining room table and chairs really are the way to go if you want quality hard-wearing furniture, a dining room set is often used and needs to be so hard-wearing so reclaimed in this case makes for a great investment.


Shop At Browsers Emporium

Hopefully, you have got a better knowledge and understanding of reclaimed furniture and what it could possibly add to your home.

Make sure you measure your rooms to get the correct size before you jump into purchasing, so you don’t overcrowd your space and everything can all work cohesively within your home.

Our buyers will find you the perfect unique pieces of furniture that you will not find anywhere else at a competitive price too. You will not want to go anywhere else for your reclaimed furniture pieces.

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