How to Pick the Right Bar Stool

How to Pick the Right Bar Stool

Making sure your guests are comfortable is important, so picking the right style bar stool is key. Bar stools are considered statement pieces of furniture and knowing how to pick the right one is easy once you know all the relevant things to keep in mind before buying.

Read on to learn more about bar stools, and what to consider when buying a bar stool - from the height to durability. We’ll also go into some detail about the best bar stools.


What to Consider Before Buying the Right Bar Stool

There are several factors to consider when it comes to picking the right bar stool, such as height, colour and material.



Commercial bar counters that are typically used in restaurants, wine bars and pubs measure roughly 40 inches in height. An easy way to tell whether your bar stool will look good is by measuring up the floor space it’ll be situated under and working out how much room you should leave.

Getting measurements correct is so important - the last thing you want is to find out your bar stool towers over the bar.

If you’re after a bar stool for your kitchen space, then make sure to measure that correctly as well, as kitchen counters and breakfast bars tend to be smaller in height than those in a commercial setting.

Groups of bar stools look better together than one on its own, so be sure to investigate how much under-counter space you have available. There’s nothing worse than overcrowding a social space.



If you're keen on matching your furniture to your existing decor, then choosing the right colour bar stool is crucial.

Saying this, we think that standing out from the crowd is a great way to impress guests, it shows that you’re unique and enjoy using furniture to make bold statements.

We recommend thinking outside the box a little, by looking at stools out of your comfort zone. Bar stools stand out in any space, so making sure they look good is important.



Choosing the material of your bar stool comes down to your preferred style and how much comfort you require.

If you're buying bar stools for commercial settings like restaurants and pubs, we recommend buying stools that have maximum comfort.

The aim is to keep customers happy, and if a comfortable bar stool helps persuade them to stay out for longer then so be it.

If you’re wanting to create a luxurious place for people to relax, then a leather bar stool could be an ideal purchase. If you’re accommodating a more traditional, country look, then a wooden stool would pair nicely.



If you know you’re going to have your bar stool for a long time, consider how durable the material is and how prone it is to breaking before making that final purchase.

Bar stools made from reclaimed wood have great durability due to being made with such strong material. They’re a perfect choice if you’re after a long-lasting product.

Reclaimed wood has a tight grain and is both hard-wearing and resistant. Because the wood has had longer to harden, its chances of breaking are slim.

As well as being a stylish, popular choice of material for pro-longed durability, all reclaimed wood furniture tends to be one-off pieces and adds character to your space.


Best Bar Stools

The best bar stools are usually made with either wood, leather or metal.

Whilst metal bar stools are easier to maintain and easy to clean, those made from wood and leather have longer durability. We have a wide range of different bar stools available at Browsers Emporium - each bar stool is high-quality and made with excellent craftsmanship.

We’ve put together a few of our favourites that we consider to be the best bar stools. We’ve narrowed it down after carefully looking at each of their qualities and what material they’re made from.


Tall Bicycle Bar Stools

We’re an advocate when it comes to persuading people to buy unique furniture, so we're eager for you to check out our bicycle bar stools.

Browsers Emporium is known for providing one-off, individual pieces for our customers, this set of two bar stools made from reclaimed bicycle seats will sure be a great conversation starter.

Made from tanned leather, these bar stools have pedal footsteps and a welded metal frame.


Tall Black Bar Stools

Great for commercial settings, these tall black bar stools come in a group of four.

Made with soft black fabric and a high back design, these stools offer maximum comfort. Each stool is made with reclaimed wood and has additional metal foot plates to rest your feet.

Using black and grey fabric, this set of stools has certainly been made with a gothic style in mind - making them ideal to match with a simplistic interior.


Short Orange Bar Stools

If you want an alternative seating option other than a regular chair, but aren’t quite ready to accommodate the average-sized stool then this set of five orange bar stools made from reclaimed wood will be perfect.

Great for traditional pubs, this set has been reupholstered with orange fabric in-store. The best thing about buying reclaimed wooden furniture is that each piece looks slightly different, being sure to stand out from the rest.


Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Looking for an individual bar stool can be difficult, especially because most look better in groups of three, six or eight.

Our tractor seat bar stool is ideal if you’re after an unusually unique piece of furniture to place in your home. It’s made with a craft iron base and can be adjusted to your desired height.

This stool has been created with industry-standard construction and excellent quality in mind. A small iron footrest is situated at the bottom of the main pole for additional comfort.


Outdoor Bar Stools

Bar stools don’t just suit an indoor environment, a lot of people open up their garden bars and beer gardens during warmer months.

If you’re after a simplistic set of stools that have both indoor and outdoor multipurpose use, we recommend our set of two, outdoor bar stools.

Each stool is made with a sturdy metal frame and a thick, plastic, weather-resistant seat. The great thing about this set is its unmatching shades of blue - giving them an outlandish, yet stylish appearance.