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If you have come to be guided on restaurant furniture for your commercial space then we have got you covered here at Browsers Emporium, we offer a range of hospitality furniture to fit every need and style whether that be new, vintage, reclaimed or industrial style furniture. Whether it be a selection of high-quality tables and chairs, our selection at Browsers Emporium offers a differing range of styles that help to create the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant.

The furniture inside a restaurant plays an integral part in the customers’ dining experience, it could be the decider on whether a customer comes back or not and whether you receive that all-important repeated business.

Choosing furniture of certain styles and materials in your restaurant is the overall ambience decider - so please read on for more information and things to consider if you are looking to get some new restaurant furniture.


The Space Available

Before you go and buy any furniture for your restaurant make sure you measure up the space available before you equip the floor with a bunch of tables and chairs that do not fit the space or even fit together well. It is said that each diner should have between one and two square metres of space to eat and dine comfortably.

An overcrowded restaurant area might give off a poor impression and give the opposite look of fine dining - even give a cheap look to your space. This will affect your customer satisfaction and if they have not been completely comfortable when dining in a restaurant, likely they will not return.

Is there a separate bar or drinking area in your restaurant away from your dining area? It is encouraged to have different seating arrangements to encourage the separation between two different spaces.

Perhaps use bar tables for example, along with a bar stool or two to easily show the separation between the drinking side and the dining side of your restaurant.

Optimise any outdoor space that you have available too, tables outside when the weather is nice, are a quick, easy and simple money maker for your business.


For the Customer

Think about your customers and how you would like to seat them, what type of groups are you wanting to accommodate or mainly cater for?

This could be couples, groups or single diners. If groups, think about the maximum group number you intend to serve - you will either need to purchase table tops for the meeting of large groups or have many smaller tables that are easily and seamlessly assembled.


Round Tables

Round tables are a popular table shape for restaurants, but they cannot be pushed together for a comfortable dining experience.

Thinking about your customers should be a priority when deciding on your restaurant furniture, everything about them should be taken into consideration.


Square or Rectangular Tables

Square or rectangular tables are more versatile as you have the freedom to make them up to larger tables if and when you need them. Do make sure however that they are of the same height to push them together successfully.

Think about a dedicated area in your restaurant where you will host large groups, it needs to be practical and also comfortable for a large group of diners.


For The Staff

Do not forget your staff, staff should be able to move ergonomically around your dining tables and be able to serve food and drink to customers with ease, without the risk of any spillages.

Your restaurant is a balancing act between looking nice and inviting when a customer has the first view inside, the furniture should be comfortable for a customer to be sat at for a good length of time and also be practical.


Flexible Furniture

The most successful restaurants will work hard to sit you down, even if that means rejigging the furniture a bit to do so. This is why it is important with commercial furniture that it can be easily moved and is flexible when needed.

You should be prepared to adapt to the range of group numbers that might happen to walk in, so your furniture must be adaptable too - so you can cater for them when a situation like this arises.



Comfort should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about restaurant furniture. Go for quality seating at all times.

Seating that is either upholstered or padded with a good solid base is a good shout when it comes to comfort, if upholstery is not your vibe though, opt for a firm material that is designed well and will hold a seated person comfortably for a good length of time.

Another key point when deciding on tables and chairs is to make sure they fit together, not just from a style perspective but you should make sure they slot together and fit well underneath your tables, especially if the chairs have arms to them, this way they can be tucked away neatly and safely without posing a trip hazard.

If you factor in all these features and points when choosing your seating you should be on to a winner.


Furniture Styles

What style of furniture are you looking for? Is the vibe of your restaurant casual and cool or formal and sophisticated? Many different styles of restaurants exist for different dining out experiences for customers.

Pick a style of your own and stick to it, working around one style and applying it to all your furniture choices will give a cohesive and well-thought-out appearance and one that is sure to look like it has been put together by a professional interior designer.


Furniture Materials

Most restaurants opt for a combination of wood, upholstery, metal and leather, as they are all hard-wearing materials. Upholstery chairs are good for absorbing the sound in restaurants to limit any echo noise in the room and the chatter of people talking.

Classic wooden furniture is also a choice you will not regret, there is a good reason why it is so popular in the hospitality industry, a big benefit of wooden furniture is that it is wipeable and robust, the same goes for metal and a mixture of the two can work for a contemporary restaurant space.

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