Furniture Ideas For A Cafe

Furniture Ideas For A Cafe

Having the right furniture for a cafe is important - not only does having great furniture attract customers, but it also contributes to their overall experience. Whether you’re choosing furniture for a high street chain or a cosy, family-run cafe, we can guarantee that Browsers Emporium has something for you.

If you’re unsure of what to consider before choosing cafe furniture or need some inspiration, continue reading for some of the best furniture ideas for your cafe.


Things to Consider Before Coming up With Cafe Furniture Ideas

When you’re coming up with furniture ideas for a cafe, you’ve got to consider a variety of factors such as durability and comfort. If you don't know where to start when it comes to thinking of cafe furniture ideas, look into what materials are best to use in a commercial setting and how much that material can endure.

Looking for more durable materials such as wood, metal and stainless steel could work best in cafes because they’re easy to clean and long-lasting. Although durability is something you have to keep in mind, comfort is also crucial to regard. Keeping a variety of different factors in mind before developing your ideas is something that will help massively in the long run for your business.


Different Types of Cafe Furniture

It can be overwhelming being faced with such a vast selection of furniture to choose from for your cafe. Not knowing what will work best for your space can prolong the buying process, which is why having a clear list of furniture options can help you make the right decision.

Keep the size of your cafe in mind when you choose the type of furniture you're going to integrate and consider how much you’ll be able to fit into your space. Read on to find out more about the variations of furniture.



Cafes don’t usually require big tables as restaurants do, but instead tend to use more lightweight, smaller-sized tables that can easily be put away and moved around when you want to change your layout. Flexibility is important when you're deciding on a layout, whether you choose rectangular, square or circular tables, make sure you’re still allowing yourself the ability to swap things around on your own accord.

Typically, cafe customers don’t stay for as long as those visiting restaurants, which is why having smaller tables is crucial, as it allows you to fill your space up and accommodate more customers. Whether it’s bistro sets or steel tables, think about how many people you can seat. 



Often, you’ll find that cafes have a mixture of different styles of chairs, usually made from wood or leather, including armchairs, regular chairs and outdoor steel seats. If you’re accommodating to customers who want to be seated outside, be sure to buy furniture with sturdy table bases - this will make sure your furniture will stay in place.

A good way to pick the right chairs for your cafe is by deciding which will be most practical - many cafe owners go for materials that aren't too heavy to lift and can be stacked on top of each other in storage. Choosing dining chairs is more simple compared to tables, and most cafe owners use soft furnishings and cushions on their seating to add decor and exceed comfort.



Although stools aren't often found in cafes, some do use them as part of their furniture to offer a different seating alternative. Stools are perfect for casual gatherings, which is what usually takes place in cafe settings.

More cafes are becoming drinking establishments, which gives them the perfect opportunity to consider purchasing high bar stools. Not only are high stools adaptable to your customer's needs, allowing them to create a more intimate setting, but they also only take up a small amount of space.


Furniture Ideas for Your Cafe

Deciding on furniture for your cafe ultimately comes down to the ambience and style that you desire. If you’re a small, trendy independent business, your decor will be completely different compared to a traditional coffee shop.

Along with trendy and traditional interiors, industrial is another popular style. Settling on a specific style for your cafe can be hard, especially with fast-changing trend cycles. Let's break down each of the popular cafe interiors and go through some furniture ideas.



Independent cafes usually have more trendy, unique furniture, using unusual one-off statement pieces. If you want to create a trendy look throughout your cafe, using different colours and material variants can help. If you’re after that trendy look, consider mixing things up and offering benches or couches as well as chairs, with soft lighting fixtures and eccentric pieces of furniture to get your customers talking.

Raw wood surfaces and reclaimed furniture contribute to the desired look that independent cafes go for. There’s nothing better than finding a cafe with a chilled atmosphere where you can relax with a cup of coffee.



Many cafe owners go for traditional decor because of how easy it is to find and implement classic furniture into your space. A traditional style consists of warm, neutral colours and wooden furniture. The traditional decor makes you feel like you're at home, offering a relaxed environment.

Even though the sleek, modern-day interior is still very much used in cafes across the country, a lot of people prefer the simplicity that traditional furniture has to offer. If your cafe has a more traditional setting, we recommend taking a look at our range of wooden bar stools.



Industrial style first came into play in the 1970s, when people started incorporating building materials like steel and iron with wood. When you picture industrial materials being used as furniture, you imagine an uncomfortable atmosphere - but it’s the opposite.

When you collaborate steel fixtures and soft furnishings along with mellow lighting, you create the perfect setting to wind down in. The great thing about industrial furniture is that a lot of the materials that are used are recycled, meaning sturdiness and durability are assured.


At Browsers Emporium, we have an array of recycled furniture to choose from that would work perfectly in trendy, traditional and industrial cafe settings, as well as a pub or bar setting. More eccentric pieces of furniture are often the reason customers are attracted to your premises in the first place.

With a wide range of options available, you won’t be stuck for a choice when you browse our collections. If you’re after new, reclaimed or vintage cafe furniture, be sure to view our website today.