Our Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Our Guide to Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Having high-quality outdoor furniture is key for any business. The exterior decor is the first thing your potential customers will see when they're deciding whether to support your business or not.

Providing great outdoor furniture for your commercial space comes in handy - not only because it creates more seating for customers, but it also allows more people to be able to visit which equals increased revenue.

Making sure your style is amplified both inside and outside of your premises is really important. The last thing you want is your customers outside to feel less important than those indoors. Read on for our handy guide to outdoor cafe furniture.


Things to Consider

Buying outdoor cafe furniture seems a relatively easy task, but there’s so much more you have to consider.

Sometimes you can’t buy the best-looking furniture for the sake of appearance - you need to ask yourself if it will last and if it’s made with reliable materials.

Let’s go through some important factors to consider when it comes to buying outdoor cafe furniture.



One thing you have to consider when buying furniture is whether it will last in different climates and conditions.

Cafes in hotter locations are likely to have bigger outdoor spaces. Although cafes in sunnier countries tend to accommodate a large outside setting, cafes in colder environments still offer outdoor seating with heaters.

For those looking for outdoor furniture that can tackle hotter conditions, we suggest buying furniture made from UV-resistant materials. This way, your furniture won’t be damaged by the sun.

Furniture could begin to have discolouration if it's left in the sun for too long, meaning your chairs, tables and benches will fade the longer they’re left in sunlight. Another way to avoid discolouration is by purchasing lighter coloured furniture as opposed to dark, varnished materials like wood which tends to fade regardless of being in the sun or not.



Making sure your furniture is easy to clean can help massively when it comes to getting tables ready for customers.

A flat table top will help you clean quicker than one with grooves in. Make sure the furniture you decide to buy can withstand constant cleaning and won’t stain when you use products.



Another point to consider when buying outdoor furniture is convenience. If you’re not fixing your furniture into the ground, then there’s no doubt you’ll have to bring in each piece of furniture at the end of each shift.

Having to carry each piece of furniture can be tiring after a long day at work. If you’re after a way to make your life a little easier, then buying stackable and foldable furniture could be a great option.

Stackable furniture allows you to carry multiple chairs and tables at one time. Being able to stack furniture on top of each other is also great if you’re short on space and have a small premise.


Top Three Tips

Let’s go through some additional tips to consider when buying outdoor cafe furniture.


Tip One - Style

Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, make sure you stick to one theme and incorporate it throughout your indoor and outdoor space.


Tip Two - Variety

Never just offer one type of seating option. Customers like variety and enjoy choosing where to sit and what to sit on. If someone’s just popping by for a quick coffee, they could use a stool, whereas someone whose coming for a catch-up with friends might want something a little comfier.

Make sure to cater for everyone and try your best as a business to be inclusive for all. Offer benches as well as booth space for larger groups.


Tip Three - Stand Out

Think outside the box when it comes to buying outdoor furniture, you want something that will catch people's eye.

Look for furniture that stands out from the rest and makes you look more unique than your competitors. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours and quirky decorative pieces.


Why is Having Good Outdoor Furniture Important?

Having a good outdoor space will ensure passers-by that you care about your business and its appearance. If you have a boring outdoor space, it could end up making potential customers turn away - add some character by using reclaimed pieces of furniture.

The outdoor space of a cafe is the first thing people see, in most cases, it will be the ultimate decision maker whether they are going to sit down or not.


Choosing the Right Tables and Chairs

The comfort of your customers is one of the most important things to consider when buying furniture, so finding the right tables and chairs is crucial.

If you care more about comfort than appearance, then make sure to look at every detail of each piece of furniture. Do you want your chairs to have arms on them for your customers to rest? What material are you choosing and is it comfortable to sit on?

Apart from comfort, safety plays a big role when deciding on furniture. Keep in mind that steel and metal heat up quicker than wood, meaning it could be unsafe to touch on hotter days - especially if there are children around.


Cafe Accessories

Adding accessories to your outdoor space will help add character. Having an aesthetically pleasing space with small personal touches will show customers that you really care about your business.

Implementing cushions and soft furnishings helps pull a space together and create a welcoming ambience. Adding cushions can help with comfort and providing blankets for your customers shows how much you care about their experience.

Plants and foliage look great in an outdoor commercial setting. Not only does adding plants give a gentle pop of colour throughout your space, but it also promotes a relaxed atmosphere.

Another great accessory to add to your outdoor space is fencing. Fences are essential for street-side cafes, helping to add privacy and intimacy.


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