A Buyers Guide To Home Bar Furniture

A Buyers Guide To Home Bar Furniture

Having a home bar is great for hosting parties and socialising with your family and friends. There’s nothing quite like being able to make a cocktail in the comfort of your own home whilst relaxing in a piece of bar furniture chosen by yourself.

Having the luxury of a home bar means you can design and layout to your own taste, integrating pieces of furniture and accessories to suit your interior. Whether you simply need some inspiration and ideas or want to know what to consider before buying home bar furniture, we have put together all the relevant information that you’ll need.

Investing in the right bar equipment is crucial, the idea of a home bar means you don’t have to venture out to get that ultimate bar experience, but instead you can enjoy it in your own living space. If you’ve recently installed a home bar and need a simple buyer's guide to follow, continue reading.


The Origins of a Home Bar

The concept of having a home bar originated in the USA, with many affluent people integrating them into their homes to suit their sociable lifestyle and extravagant lifestyle.

As years have passed, having a home bar is something that many people have considered and gone on to install. We all enjoy entertaining at home, and although having a bar isn’t a party necessity, homeowners do enjoy having the added luxury of having a designated space to relax in.

The beauty of home bars is how little space they take up. Of course, if you have a bigger living space, you’ll be able to accommodate a bigger bar, but integrating a bar into a smaller-sized house is still possible. If you have enough space to make a drink and add a few bar stools or chairs, you’ll still have a perfect home bar environment.


What to Consider Before Installing a Home Bar

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to position your bar, it’s not as simple as just having it installed. There are many factors to consider before choosing a bar, such as material, sizing (bar measurements, height) and comfort - and of course, the home bar features. You want your home bar to create a relaxing atmosphere and be somewhere you can wind down, just like you would in a regular commercial bar or restaurant.

Think about how your bar will look in the space you’ve chosen, have you chosen the right room to put your bar in and can it be positioned right? We all like to show off our homes, so making sure your bar looks visually pleasing from a distance is also important.

Most people choose to integrate a bar into their kitchen space, usually because it means you have easy access to the fridge and freezer for drink condiments. Having a bar doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to have additional features like a wine fridge or drink dispenser, especially when you're so close to your kitchen anyway.

Make sure to measure your space up correctly, being as efficient as possible in getting both the bar surface depth and height. Not only will having bar measurements help conclude whether it’ll fit into your space properly, but it will help you decide on which furniture will look best alongside it.

If you’ve already decided on which material you want your bar furniture to have, consider its durability and how prone to staining it is from drink spillages. We recommend wooden, steel or leather furniture in bar settings.


What Furniture Do I Need for a Home Bar?

What type of furniture you need and how much of it ultimately comes down to how big your home bar is going to be. Home bars don’t require much furniture, with bar stools being the most common seating choice to buy.

Bar stools act as comfortable, social seating, with the added benefit of being able to move around freely and position wherever you want. At Browsers Emporium, we have a wide range of bar stools that can be sold separately or in sets, all suiting a variety of interiors. Made from leather, wood, iron and steel, our bar stools are crafted with an array of quality, long-lasting materials.

If you have a larger space to fill, we suggest browsing our table collection, where you’ll find a vast amount of different-sized table furniture. Having extra table space means you’ll be able to accommodate more guests, which is always handy during festive periods and birthday events.

Even though the aim of having a home bar is to bring the excitement of a commercial bar or pub setting into your house, you still want to aim for extra comfort than usual.


Accessories for Your Home Bar

Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor bar, it’s always good to have accessories and soft furnishings to complete your design. Adding things like mirrors, rugs, shelving and plants around your home bar can help tie everything together.

You can complete the design of your home bar even further by purchasing cocktail glasses and drinking accessories. The benefit of having a home bar is that you’re able to have completely free rein decor-wise, customising it to your pre-existing decor. You can install an ebony black bar, a wooden home bar - anything your heart desires. If you’re looking for some one-off, reclaimed home bar accessories, be sure to check our collections.


Home Bar Furniture at Browsers Emporium

At Browsers Emporium, we provide high-quality bar furniture. Whether you want new, reclaimed or vintage furniture, we have something for everyone. All our furniture is top standard and made to last, meaning you won’t have to worry about the durability of your home bar furniture when you shop with us.

Our bar furniture caters to a variety of needs, and we stock all shapes and sizes to suit your home bar space. If you need any assistance in choosing the right bar furniture, feel free to reach out to a member of our team - we’re happy to help our customers with all of their needs.