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There is nothing we love more in the UK than a great bar or village pub to have a refreshing beverage or two.

These days, bar interiors are something that doesn’t go unnoticed by its punters and psychologically, a customer will favour going to a bar or restaurant if they have a good interior, furniture or if the general décor is to their taste.

This has a big part to play when someone has a favourite place they like to drink in - and ultimately proves that getting your bar furniture right is important. This bar furniture page from Browsers Emporium.

At Browers Emporium, we have years of experience under our belts and provide quality furniture for different hospitality settings such as bars, restaurants, cafés and coffee shops across the country. So look no further as we have the inspiration, the expert knowledge and the information below.

This guide is for both a commercial bar setting or even your very own home bar that you want to make sure is up to a top standard, whatever the case we have all the things to consider when it comes to bar furniture.


Intro To Bar Furniture

Bar furniture above all has got to be robust and be able to withstand constant daily use with a healthy amount of mistreatment in its lifetime than your standard household furniture would have to withstand at home.

Unfortunately, not everyone treats the furniture in a bar with the greatest respect, definitely not the same respect they would give the furniture in their own home.

With a mix of beverages and alcohol - constant knocks and sticky spillages by both staff and customers are inevitable.

Luckily for bar furniture, there are plenty of robust materials to choose from nowadays to fit with your bar interior. Materials include metal, hardwearing fabric or wood.


Features Bar Furniture Must Have

When it comes to deciding on the furniture itself there are plenty of options and materials to go for. Of course, what a bar must have is good seating, along with the appropriate tables too.

The different tables available to choose from will cater for different needs, depending on your space and your needs will depend on what kind of table and chairs you go for. We have included a few examples of some popular table choices below.


Bar Table

Higher than a traditional dining table these tables are often completed with a barstool; these tables add a contemporary feel to any establishment.


Dining Table

A staple you cannot go wrong with, found in most homes and equally pubs and restaurants too. These classic tables come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on how many people you wish to fit around them.

Although classic, these now come in a variety of materials to help add to the either stylish, contemporary or classic design you are looking for.


Poseur Table

A poseur table is designed to be leaned on, stood with or be used with bar stools, these tables help add variety and versatility to a bar as they are accessible when standing or sitting.


Coffee Table

Coffee tables are favoured in the living room of your home but are good for complementing sofas in a hospitality space, although their low height makes them unsuitable for eating from, they help to add a nice and relaxing vibe to a space.


Things To Consider When Choosing Furniture For Your Bar

Important things to consider when furnishing your bar before you rush into any decision-making, a few main points to think about are listed below.


Size Of Space

You must measure the length and width of the space you want to fill and work out the maximum floor area you are working with to make the most of your bar.

Make note of anywhere that changes the level or has sudden dips or slopes in the flooring as this is obviously where you cannot place any table, chairs or stool on flooring like this.

Check access points in order to get the furniture into your bar, if doorways are too small and you buy large items you might not even be able to get your new furniture into your bar.


Health And Safety

At Browsers Emporium, we take health and safety seriously. Before you get carried away with the possibilities of new furniture for your bar, remember your health and safety regulations and maintain practical considerations - customers and staff still need to be able to move freely around your furniture.

There should definitely not be any trip hazards and ensure fire exits are clearly visible and there is a clear and free path to them.



Do you have an existing theme or style to your bar that you are sticking with, or are you doing a completely new refurb of everything?

Unlike a home where you can mix and match to your heart's content, depending on your desired tastes, a bar usually looks better with a consistent theme or if it has a cohesive style running throughout. So consider this if you have to match some new with some existing furniture or décor.


Different Areas Or Zones

Does your bar have different areas or zones, for example, a dancing area, booths, or bar area with bar stools? Will you need to move your furniture regularly to make way for group bookings, private hires or dancefloor space?

If so, you will need to opt for furniture that is easy to lift and carry, perhaps it would be wise to have some items stackable for easy storage.

If you now have what you need to set up or upgrade your existing bar wherever that might be, Browsers Emporium has something for you whatever the vibe of your bar. Including furniture from new, reclaimed or industrial styles.

We can supply you with what you are looking for, take a look at the hospitality projects on our website that we have completed for some interior inspiration to view our previous work.

Bar Furniture

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