Pros And Cons Of Buying Second Hand Cafe Furniture

Pros And Cons Of Buying Second Hand Cafe Furniture

Furnishing a hospitality business space such as a café is fun, creative, and memorable. However, getting the perfect furniture for your interior and exterior design could be a difficult task and expensive task.

Some people have resulted buying new furniture; they love being the first person to acquire and use the furniture. On the other hand, some prefer second-hand furniture. Some people like second-hand furniture because it is budget-friendly, easy to access, relevant, and satisfactory.

You want to replace the ageing furniture in your café. If you are reading this, you are probably searching for quality café tables and chairs, desks, restaurant dining chairs, tables, or folding tables.

You seek quality furniture, but at the same time, you want to save money to settle other necessities such as catering equipment, machines, plastic banqueting chairs, and plastic banqueting desks for your outdoor restaurant or canteen.

You plan to purchase on a budget and consider buying second-hand furniture to furnish your café. However, you still have a question– is purchasing second-hand café furniture a good idea?

This blog post is committed to answering your question. This blog post will read the pros and cons of buying second-hand café furniture - enjoy.


Pros Of Buying Second Hand Café Furniture

We have listed some of the pros of buying second-hand furniture for your cafe.



Good news first, so we are starting with the pros of buying second-hand café furniture. Like most second-hand items, the main advantage of buying second-hand café furniture is the price.

In contrast to new café furniture, second-hand café furniture is purchased at lower prices. If you want to save money while buying quality café furniture, go for second café furniture.

Moreover, why spend much more on new furniture when you could get a quality piece of second-hand furniture at a lesser price?


Possibility Of Purchasing High-Quality Café Furniture

Second-hand café furniture fits the description– tested and trusted. There’s a higher possibility that you will purchase high-quality café furniture if you decide to go for second-hand furniture. Why?

Second-hand café furniture has been used for months, years, or even decades, and they have passed the test of time. Although they might require cleaning, repainting, or restoring, you are guaranteed value and durability while paying less.


Channels Creativity And Fun

When you purchase new furniture, all you have to do is unpack from the carton or wrapper and place it in a strategic position. That is simple and boring! Second-hand café furniture can channel your creativity and activate the fun. Once purchased, you can redesign that piece to suit your taste and requirements.

Surfing the internet or visiting thrift stores to inspect and purchase second-hand furniture is fun. You could see yard sales or dedicate a few hours to visiting thrift stores in London or any city you are located.

This can help you connect with other people. You would see another piece of furniture that you could draw inspiration from to implement when redesigning or restoring a part for your café, canteen, bar, or restaurant.



Second-hand café furniture is a perfect fit for eco-conscious people. The furniture industry largely contributes to the waste of natural resources.

They use many materials to make new and modern furniture– special coating, textile, and lumber. Second-hand café furniture curbs waste. By purchasing it, you are lessening the demand for new natural resources. Second-hand café furniture is environmentally friendly. Go for it.


Real Treasure Hunt

If you are ever fascinated by treasure hunts, purchasing second-hand café furniture is a chance at owning antique pieces. Second-hand furniture is an excellent chance to buy vintage designs that fit your restaurant. Take a few hours off, click that ad, visit that thrift store, and go for a treasure hunt today!


Cons Of Buying Second Hand Café Furniture

This section has five cons of buying second-hand café furniture.



Purchasing second-hand café furniture could be time-consuming. It could take hours or days before you finally get the furniture that suits your needs.

While some people would see this as an adventure, others who do not enjoy or do not have leisure time for second-hand furniture shopping would prefer surfing the internet or visiting a store to select a piece of new furniture easily.


Limited Quantity

If you want to match the furniture in your café to bring harmony or add glamour to your brand or business, a second-hand café will not meet your needs. You might be lucky to see two or three exact items. However, luck could run out when you want more quantities.


Transport Cost

After purchase, new furniture often comes with free delivery, and second-hand café furniture does not come with this option. When you purchase second-hand furniture, you either move it with your van or arrange for transportation. This would amount to extra costs and, as a result, increase your expenses.


Need To Restore

There is a need to repair or restore. It is rare for someone to use second-hand café furniture just as it was purchased. This can consume time, too, as you need to clean the piece of furniture, repair it, and then restore it.

Another downside is the cost of repair and restoration. You’ll have to buy materials to repair and restore, which won’t be attained for free.


No Warranty

A warrant is a bonus for buying new café furniture. However, second-hand furniture lacks a warranty. The good part is that café furniture is built to last long, so the lack of warranty might not be felt. If you purchase a piece of second-hand furniture and it gets damaged within a short period, you are left to solve the problem yourself.

If you’re looking for second-hand furniture for your cafe, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.