How To Use Reclaimed Furniture In Your Garden

How To Use Reclaimed Furniture In Your Garden

The sun is smiling at us again, and the beautiful days are here - so now is the perfect time to start thinking about your garden.

This is where we come in to offer you lots of great ideas for the layout of your outdoor spaces. When you’re spending more and more time outside, you most likely want to have a garden that immerses you in a magical and exotic summer atmosphere. But what are the styles and elements that help you achieve this wish?

The fundamental question you will ask yourself is, "What is my lifestyle, and how will I use my garden?" Are you going to grow fruits and vegetables there, do you need to install furniture for evenings with friends, or do you want to create a landscaped garden in an Asian style?

It all depends on your priorities and, first of all, on the outdoor space. Several great recycling and reuse garden ideas are both simple and inexpensive! Re-usability not only reduces waste but also saves money. There's a terrific garden idea for any outdoor space as long as you have your reclaimed furniture for the garden.

Read on for the top Browsers Emporium tips on how to use our excellent reclaimed furniture to bring your garden decor to the next level.


Amazing Ideas for Your Garden With Reclaimed Furniture

What better place than the garden to tinker and practise the art of recycling? Using reclaimed furniture can certainly do well for the planet (and your wallet). Here are some of the ways that you can use reclaimed furniture to revamp your garden.


A Reclaimed Kitchen Table as a Herb Garden

Growing your food has become one of the most popular garden trends, and increasing numbers of people wish for a veggie plot. If you wish to get creative with your herb garden, a reclaimed kitchen table is a great option. An elevated herb garden is a great recycling idea that can be done on even the tiniest of plots or balcony gardens.

To make a soil bed, start by removing the table top and inverting the supporting wooden planks. Afterwards, fill the bed with soil and plant herbs in rows, leaving about 5cm intervals between plants. Garden pests should be deterred from harming the crop due to the set elevation.


Creatively Repurpose Kitchen Pans and Pots as Planters

This is highly creative while it saves cost. If you do not have kitchen pots or pans that can be repurposed, you can always purchase some from a reclaim shop where they would be sold at a low cost. Also, remember to drill holes in the bottom of the pots before planting in them. You can also add a splash of paint to improve the outlook of the pot.


Use a Dressing Table as a Flower Bed

Not every piece of furniture must be thrown out after it has been deemed unfit for use in the home. You can repurpose the dresser as a flower bed. Also, note that the dresser may not be yours. You may spy on the old beauty on a website or pass in front of a shop. Give in to the temptation and make a beautiful home for your flowers.


Kitchen Sink as a Flower Planter

A kitchen sink is a whole package when repurposing household furniture for your garden. They are attractive alternative planters and have appropriate drainage provisions by design. To aid with even drainage, you can place a few stones at the bottom before filling it with compost. The next step is to plant a different array of colourful plants. To beautify it further, add a splash of paint to the reclaimed sink.


Display your Plants Using an Old Ladder or Step

Before constructing shelves for your plants, the first step is to give the ladder a coat of beautiful colours. You need to cut the ladder or step to the desired size if too tall. Afterwards, place your potted plants on it and view the array of excellent displays.


Unique Effects You Can Create With Reclaimed Furniture

As well as using furniture as a form of decor, you can also create unique effects using reclaimed furniture - here’s how:


Interesting Lighting Effects

There can be light garlands and light fixtures scattered in strategic corners of your garden in the form of metal lanterns or candle holders. You can make these models yourself from jam jars, for example, or any other container – jar or vase – with an attractive shape.

Garlands can form exciting patterns in the branches of trees, or you can arrange them on hedges. You can also hand them above your garden furniture, where you will spend evenings with friends.


Colourful Accessories

You can reclaim synthetic pearls and metal and place them among plants and flowers to accentuate particular areas of your garden and make them shine in the sun.

You can decorate the branches of the trees with coloured wire balls of different sizes to create a magical and playful atmosphere. You can also paint small pots to uplift the details, drill a small hole in their bottoms and string them into a garland, with which you can decorate a sad corner to make it more cheerful.


Salvage Objects

Old teapots, metal basins, pieces of boat oars, spoons, and utensils that you no longer use, are magnificent essential elements from which you can make excellent garden accessories. And the colourful dishes that are in pieces, you can use to make pretty mosaics.

The cut and painted plastic bottles are beautiful plant holders, which you can hang on the fence, for example. Pallet wood garden furniture is a hit. Decorating your garden with light garlands equals magic in the air.



If you enjoy DIY gardening, you must have had a kick from reading through the article. All you need to do is follow our tips, and you will have your garden flowing with the beauty of summer.

Whichever style or effect you're looking to create, Browsers Emporium can help you create the buzz with our fantastic collection of reclaimed furniture. Look no further if you don’t have your favourite reclaimed furniture for the garden at your disposal.

All you need to do is visit our website to choose from our collection of reclaimed furniture for the garden. Finally, if you need more ideas, you can contact our consultants who will help you in all the ways you may require.