Cheap Ways To Furnish Your Café

Cheap Ways To Furnish Your Café

A café can hold different meanings to different people even though it's a place everyone goes to have a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy the unique sweetness. Whether it is espresso, latte, or cappuccino that a customer prefers at a café, the café holds varying significance to different people.

To one person, it could be the hub where they stumble on their best ideas, while to some it could be a place to unwind from the strenuous activity of the day or a place to hang out with loved ones.

Whichever one it may be, the general décor and furnishing of the café is a definite factor in the ambience that your café creates for its respective customers.

This is why you must go all out to furnish your café on a budget. In this article, we will show you how to get cheap café furniture without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to purchase your furniture as cheap as possible, check out the following steps - and learn how we can help you.


Establish a Budget

Indeed, when you decide to open a cafe, it is good to establish a budget for each item of expenditure, including furniture. This will make you understand how much you are willing to spend on furnishing your place and help you keep your expenses low.


Make a List of What to Buy

Making a list of the furniture you want will allow you to realise how many things you need (and consequently help you compare and adjust your budget if necessary). Sticking to a written list also allows you to avoid impulsive purchases that steal budgets from needed furniture. In short, it is also an instrument of self-control.


Buy Essential Furnishings First

Together with the list of furniture to buy, it is also good to define an order to buy the various pieces of furniture. The first furniture you buy must undoubtedly be those that allow the cafe to function and your customers to use your service.

Essentially, this includes essential machinery (e.g. refrigerator and coffee machine, Counter, tables and chairs. All non-strictly necessary furnishings can be purchased later, or in any case, only after having dedicated the necessary budget to essential furnishings.


Find the Best Between Quality and Price

Keeping your expenses within a specific budget should not lead you to choose poor-quality furniture or machinery. This would mean providing poor-quality service to your customers. In addition, it may soon force you into new expenses for furniture repairs or replacements.


Consider Thrift or Reclaimed Furniture

If the cheap café furniture is still in good condition, opting for reclaimed furniture can be a smart way to save on your investment. It is not news that sometimes seemingly good furniture has been subjected to wear and tear. However, at Browsers Emporium, you can purchase unique and durable thrift furniture at low prices.


Recycle Old Furniture

Recycling is a great way to save. You can also give new life to items you already have available at home. A sofa in your home could become a beautiful piece of furniture for your cafe and help you create a relaxation corner in your restaurant without spending anything.

When you bring furniture into your cafe that was not initially designed for it, it is always essential to evaluate its consistency with your business.


4 Types of Cheap Café Furnishing Available To You

After you’ve considered those mentioned above, the next step is to choose which style of cafe you would love to opt for. This depends on your taste and the types of customers you're expecting to serve.

Of course, to stay within budget and also blow your customers away, you need the assistance of a consultant that gets your ideas and is willing to assist you. Our consultants at Browsers Emporium can walk you through this process and assist you in the purchase of different unique pieces of cheap café furniture. Now, to the types you can opt for, we have the following:


Industrial Style Café

This style gets its name from its excellent metallic finish. To achieve this look, there should be a combination of metallic lighting and furniture with brick walls, illuminated cabinets and shelves, and a sizeable industrial countertop. This style emphasises a modern ambience—flowers in colourful pots and pendant lighting over the countertop.


White-Collar Café

If you’re looking to furnish your café with this décor, you must look forward to having customers in the corporate world. This style of café is also referred to as a high street café.

Achieving this look is pretty easy and cheap. All you have to do is go for consistent furnishing and a clean finish. You can get circular or pyramid metal tables with tub chairs or sofas.


Vintage Style Café

If you want to give the 70s or 80s vibe in your café business, then a vintage-style café is a great option. This is because this type of furniture is functional, evergreen, and nostalgic. This way, you'll always serve not only coffee but also create a classic environment.

You need dark wooden tables and chairs, cabinets with showcases, cupboards and lockers stools, and red or wine-coloured chairs to achieve this look. You can also feature antiquated objects as the main element of the café, coupled with dim lighting. This style is also appropriate for pubs.


Individual Café Style

This type of café design emphasises the personality of the owner. It consists of portraits of the owner and other personal touches that can be easily traced to the owner.

This type of café is best used in a small locality or town where everyone has similar values and tastes in art. This can also be suitable if you’re just starting. This type of café gives a homey feel when done with tender affection and care.


Wrapping Up

Conclusively, if you have considered what style you would love to opt for in your journey to furnish or refurbish your café, you can look at all the unique and available options we have for you. At Browsers Emporium, we have a collection of brilliant café furniture including tables and chairs that range from modern to antique with sophisticated details which can turn your café around.