Our Online Privacy - Website - Single Controller - Not in a Group of companies Policy

About Us

This is our Privacy Notice and we control the personal information you give us. We are Browsers Emporium. We share some or all of your personal data with others, being Delivery companies. (see the Contact Us section for more details) If you do not accept our Privacy Policy then do not proceed to submit your data. If you continue then we will be able to assume you agree to it.

What Personal Data We Collect

We collect personally identifiable information you provide us here and in your dealings with us over the website and from other businesses we trade with and other sources.


We use cookies that do not collect personal data whilst you are on the website.

Special Category (Sensitive) Personal Information

We do not collect Sensitive Personal Information about you.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We store your data electronically and otherwise and use it:

We require these details in order to ensure we provide you with the correct goods ordered.


We may also need to provide it to other firms who provide us with services our business needs.

Telephone Recordings

We do not record telephone conversations.


We will use your personal data only to market to you in line with your permissions given to us.

We analyse your use of the site so we can promote similar or related products, sites or services to you.

Who We Share With

We share personal data with others as set out below. Where we share your data with others,

we may need to provide it in answer to court orders or other proceedings or to comply with other legal obligations

Keeping Your Data

We keep your personal data for the period we have a relationship and may keep it for up to 6 years after that in order to comply with record keeping needs and other legal reasons.

Sending Data Abroad

We do not send data abroad.

Your Rights and Choices

You have a right to see what personal data we hold about you. Submit a request in writing to our address (see Contact Us). You can ask us to correct any personal data we hold which is incorrect. You also have other rights. Click to see. You can write to us at the address below if you have any questions.

Contacting Us

You can contact us in the following ways: