GDPR Level 1

Our Online Privacy - Website - Single Controller - Not in a Group of companies Policy 

This is our Privacy Notice to you about how we use and share your personal data. We are the Data Controller and our legal name is Browsers Emporium.

We conduct the sale of used and new furniture.

We collect your personal information here. We do not collection sensitive personal data. 

This helps us deliver the right goods. 

We store your data and use it:

  • to be lawful.
  • to tell you of changes to our Privacy or other terms.
  • to provide your goods or services and process payment 
  • to other businesses who will deliver the goods to you 
  • to identify other things you may like

We may share it with others to get the services we need.

We keep your personal data for the duration of our relationship and for legal reasons after that.

If you do not accept these terms do not proceed. If you do, it means you accept it. You can get copies of what we have about you on request. You have other rights which we support.

For our Contact details and a full description of your right and how to exercise them, see our larger privacy notice.